Webmaster Curtis Wood at speed in his
SCCA Production class Alfa Giulietta Spider
Dubros, Erik and Curtis watching the Ponca City
Gran Prix from atop Dad's Alfa racer in 1972
Shelby Wood attending SCCA drivers school at
HPT on his 17th birthday. March 2007
Dubros Dad, the late Gary Wood, in the mid-70s
Shelby on track at Road America for touring at the 2007 BRIC
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My brother,  Erik Wood at speed in his
vintage/historic 2L  Alfa GTV an below in his 71
Alfa Spider 1750
Gary and Shelby working on Curtis's Yenko
Stinger between groups at HMRC. Early 90s
A young Collin Wood hard at work on his
Dad's race car.  June 2006
Old school Bugeye. The families first race car.
Dubro Erik and Crew Chief Colin at podium ceremony after
winning the inaugural SVRA E/D  Production National
Championship race at Circuit of the Americas Oct-2013   
(Blue 71 Alfa Spider)