Corsa Convention 2008

                                  1966 Yenko Stinger YS003
                                              Original STAGE 3 STINGER

October 2011:  Obtained really interesting letter from 2nd owner Richard Finch to the Corvairs of New Mexico CORSA
chapter newsletter from 2009.  In it he details the purchase of YS003 from the original owner and his first Dprod race in
this Stinger.  Copy of letter and new period image of YS003 added to the page below

Spring 2011:  Big fun at Walter Mitty.  I drove the Stinger to Road Atlanta (1800 mile weekend) to watch James Reeves
and other vintage race Corvairs.  Car ran like a top and it was a very enjoyable weekend although I did have to stop at a
Walmart in Alabama for tires after hitting a very large pot hole in Mississippi.  Luckily no damage other than the tire.

Fall 2010 Update: With the help of my good friends Jeff Moore and John Gresham I
installed a rare original Yenko "single" close ratio transmission and a 3.27:1 ring and
pinion.  3.27 is not original, but so much nicer to drive !

Summer 2010 Update: Just returned from showing the Stinger at the International
CORSA convention in IA. where YS003 was awarded a gold medallion and promoted
to senior class after being shown for the first time.

YS003 I bought this Stinger in 1990, immediately traded it for my first race car (YS199). I  bought it back early in 2008
and finished the quality restoration started by the previous owner.

One of the 100 Stingers built by Don Yenko in 1966 for homologation with the SCCA.  YS003 is one of only  four  cars
documented to be ordered and delivered in STAGE 3, SCCA Dproduction race form by Yenko Chevrolet.  Like other
Stingers YS003 was a fleet ordered,  white, 1966 CORSA with HD suspension
and quick steering box. Like the others it
was fitted by Yenko Chevrolet with wider 7" rear wheels, special duel braking system, fiberglass decklid, fiberglass
landau panels, and special Yenko ID tag.

YS003 was additionally fitted by Yenko with a roll bar,  and with special Rochester carbs bored by Yenko from 1-1/4 to
1-1/2 inch throats sitting atop a 190hp engine in place of the Stage 1 160hp unit. Two additional 7" wheels were
purchased from Yenko after the fact as documented by original invoice. This is also one of only a few documented
"stripe delete" cars delivered new without stripes.

YS003 was subject to a professional, rotisserie restoration. This Stinger has been restored to original condition, as
delivered by Yenko Chevrolet. 90% or more of the chrome trim, weatherstrip, rubber, grommets, knobs, etc are new old
stock GM (NOS).  A 2008 Sportscar Marketplace review stated that this car was in #1 condition.
 I have driven it over
10,000 miles since.

YS003 has a known documented ownership history since new.  Including numerous copies of letters and photos from
early owners. It has been recorded and tracked in the Stinger registry since it's inception.

Additional documentation of YS003 comes from copy of the original Yenko Chevrolet order signed by Don Yenko and
the original second invoice for purchase from Yenko of the 7" front wheels it still wears.

Second owner, and author of many automotive books, Richard Finch featured  YS003 and photos of YS003 throughout
his book
How to keep your Corvair Alive.

YS003 was rented for a brief cameo appearance in the Love Bug Movie Herbie goes to Monte Carlo.  Correspondence
from 3d owner Seth Emerson indicates that YS003 was driven on the movie set by Max Balchowski, builder of the Ole
Yaller specials.

Restored to as close to as delivered from Yenko Chevrolet, and as first raced in 1966 condition, YS003 could
authentically wear the Fitch type stripes installed by it's second owner, or the Stinger competition scheme installed by it's
3d and subsequent owners.

Original body is verified by the hidden serial number stamped underneath the front sub-frame, and the correct fleet
ordered chassis tag still retained on the engine compartment frame edge.
Letter from original to second owner in
YS003 vs. Herbie on the left and chasing Herbie's girlfriend on the right. From
Disney's Movie "Herbie goes to Monte Carlo"
Stage III description from original brochure
Enlarged high CFM carbs were $100 ea. times 4 carbs.  Not inexpensive in 1966
Not YS003, but my favorite ad
Letter from second owner, and author of How to Keep your Corvair Alive
Richard Finch published in the August 2009 edition of the Corvairs of New
Mexico Newsletter -
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Photos above are of the original Yenko YS003 order signed by Don Yenko when puchased in May of 1966 by
Gus Shaffer and a subsequent accessory order.
Yenko Stinger YS003 Summer of 2008.

Inset: YS003 Summer of 1966 with 1st
owner at the wheel just a month after
purchase from Yenko Chevrolet.
YS003 wearing Yenko competition
livery when in 3d owner's care
CORSA Convention 2008
Letter and history from original owner Gus