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Curtis & JJ 2005
Tom & JJ198?
The 1/43 scale 104 Octane Boost SCCA Alfa model made and sold in 1983.  Pictured is the
factory assembled and detailed version.  I am told an unassembled version was also available.
This 101 Series Alfa Giulietta Spider was affectionately nicknamed J.J. by it's first racer Tom Mankin.  Tom and JJ won the SCCA National
Championship Valvoline runoffs
three times in class G production.  Tom sold the car to Kevin Gilbert whom I purchased JJ from in 2003.
Racing in G Production downdraft solex configuration at the 2004  
SCCA National Championship Runoffs.
104 Octane Boost ad bragging of Tom
and JJs third runoffs win in 1989
Pic of JJ and Tom at 1984 June Sprints
presented with permission of who has a pretty neat
site with period race photos that can
be searched by driver name
JJ and Curtis 2004
COTA Circuit of the Americas 2013
COTA 2013
COTA 2013
A special thank you to Jeff Moore of the Automotive Archeologist and Steve
Schwitters of Advanced Racing Systems. I might be able to race without these guys
but it would be a lot more difficult and not near as much fun.